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How to Rank #1 For Very Competitive Keywords on Instagram

Instagram on Laptops and Desktops

Instagram is only second to Facebook in terms of user counts, with over a billion monthly active users. Instagram can help you raise brand awareness and attract new clients.

If you already market your business on Instagram, ranking high for your company’s valuable keywords is one of the finest methods to increase visibility and reach. Getting an Instagram bot may help you further to create more credibility. You can also take the help of some Best Sites To Buy Instagram Followers to rank higher.

Instagram made a substantial upgrade to its search functionality in November 2020. Instead of simply being able to search for profiles, hashtags, and places, you can now search for general phrases, which will return all posts that contain those phrases.

This can signify one of two things: first, the Instagram algorithm has changed. The second point is that Instagram SEO should be a part of your overall marketing plan.

Instagram Keyword Research

Despite the fact that Instagram is owned by Facebook and shares some newly implemented parallels with its parent company’s platform, it is a very different product. For one thing, it’s predominantly a visual platform, which leads some marketers to believe that keyword research isn’t important for Instagram marketers. This isn’t the case at all!

In contrast to Twitter, Instagram still primarily relies on hashtags for content discovery. Aside from appealing images, the top-performing Instagram pictures all have one thing in common: a plethora of hashtags. Users can utilize this feature to identify content that is relevant to their interests and share it with their social media followers. This means that, while hashtags are used more heavily on Instagram than on other social networking platforms, keywords are used to find content.

Because Instagram doesn’t have a specific keyword research feature, hashtags will be the foundation of your initial keyword research process. Fortunately, established best practices for increasing the exposure of Instagram content allow for the use of several hashtags in a single post – something that is doable but frowned upon by other social media users. This implies you can use a single post to target a variety of keywords.

How to Rank High Using Keywords on Instagram

The hashtag, one of Instagram’s most popular features, serves a variety of purposes. One of them is that it improves your chances of being ranked for a specific word and also helps to increase engagement on Instagram.

While you’re revising your profile, double-check that your bio is optimized for search results. You don’t have much area to work with: Instagram bios are limited to 150 characters, which is identical to Google’s dynamic meta description limit.

Thankfully, if you’re utilizing hashtag keywords and the keywords are appropriate, “keyword stuffing” is more or less permitted in an Instagram bio. Instagram hashtags are clickable links that transport users to a list of posts that share the same hashtag, making them useful to users.

A hashtag also aids in the organization of a set of Instagram updates. Hashtags can be found in the “Top” and “Tags” tabs of an Instagram search result.

This implies that there are two chances for appearing in the results. To that end, there are two types of hashtags to think about if you want to increase your Instagram search ranks. They are as follows:

Hashtags for certain niches or topics:

On Instagram, you’ll find a plethora of hashtags for whatever product you manufacture. #fashion, #shoes, #wristwatch, and other trendy hashtags are just a few examples.

You can, however, use more than one hashtag. Adding less popular hashtags is also a more effective approach to improve your chances of ranking. Because it’s challenging to rank for famous hashtags owing to the competitive nature of the market. 

Long-tail hashtags, like Google search, are easier to rank for on Instagram and can be more profitable. For example, the hashtag #shoes have 102 million posts.

Others, such as #shoesforsale, #shoestore, and #shoesaddict, however, have fewer postings and are therefore easier to rank for. To appear in more searches, use the proper specialized hashtags in your posts.

Hashtags with a distinct identity:

While specialty hashtags can help you reach customers who are unfamiliar with your brand, branded hashtags will help you stand out in a niche. You may enhance brand awareness and reach by using branded hashtags.

As a result, you can grow your following and enhance your search ranks. Additionally, branded hashtags can be used to organize user-generated material.

Branded Instagram hashtags are a fantastic way to promote your business, locate content generated about you by your fans, and build a community around it. According to a survey, branded hashtags developed by businesses account for 70% of the most-used hashtags on Instagram.

Creating your own branded Instagram hashtag and rocking it on your feed is a terrific tactic; whether it’s just your brand name or a more inspirational message, it allows you to establish your own branded Instagram hashtag and rock it on your feed.


You may obtain an advantage over your competition by conducting daily keyword research for Instagram and analyzing term usage. Your competitors are likely to conduct keyword research only once and apply a blanket “one size fits all” strategy across all marketing channels. Remember that user behavior differs from search to social to platform to platform, therefore your keyword research strategy must adjust as well. You may use your Instagram profile to market your business, products, and services by following the steps outlined in our expert guide on researching keywords for Instagram.

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