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How to Reduce your Electricity Bill – Tips & Tricks


Heatwave, scorching weather, boiling temperature begs you to remain in the shade of AC 24//7. But then a mini heart attack is due when the electricity bill stares you in the eye.

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So how can we reduce the electricity bill by taking some small, necessary steps? It is important to note that most of us use the remote control to switch off our TV, AC, fans, etc. The application is running on standby even if we use the remote control to switch it off, thus consuming electrical energy. It is important to close the switch to save a significant amount of power and reduce our electricity bill.

Secondly, use energy savers to cut down the electricity bill as 10 to 15% of the bill is for lighting. Energy saving bulbs instead of conventional bulbs are the solution.

Do you know that washing machine consumes a huge amount of energy? You must use it is in full load, to reduce your bill. Also, washing some clothes by hand when/if needed won’t be so much of a trouble.

Another important point to note is that make sure your fridge or freezer is out of direct sunlight and not near an oven. It is important that the heat generated by it can roam with ease.

Also, defrost your fridge and freezer regularly as an iced up fridge or freezer waste more energy. Set the temperature only for as cold as you need. And don’t open the door for longer periods

ACs consume the most energy and they must be used tactfully. At daytime, all family members can sit in one room, so that only one AC is used. Also, keep the door closed when using AC and if you are leaving your room make sure you don’t forget to close the power button. Also, get AC filters cleaned so that the cooling is okay at high temperature. Use quality, energy saving products while shopping for ACs to ensure less electricity bill.

It is important that your home is properly insulated, including the ceilings, walls, and floors so that it remains cool.

The main idea is to not using electricity unnecessarily and turn off light, fan, AC, TV, washing machine when you are not using it.

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