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How to remove a negative review from Google Maps

Here’s how to remove negative reviews you’ve left on Google Maps.

Leaving reviews and ratings is a healthy exercise when it comes to Contribute on Google Maps to let others know about our experiences. Furthermore, by doing so we can get Google badges. But not all are positive opinions, the negative ones are the result of poor service, inadequate treatment, or, why not say it, of having written hot. Removing a negative review from Google Maps is easy, so here’s how to do it.

Here is how you can remove a negative review from Google Maps

It’s that simple to remove a negative review from Google MapsIt will take very little time to remove any inappropriate or negative review from Google Maps, take note:

  • On your computer, go to Google Maps. If it asks you to sign in, enter your credentials.
  • In the upper left part, you will see a symbol with 3 horizontal stripes, it is the Menu. Access it.
  • Now you must click on “Your contributions”.
  • Once you do, go to “Reviews”.
  • You will see a list of all your reviews on Google Maps, select the one you are going to delete.
  • Click on “Delete review”. This option is irreversible and cannot be reversed.
  • The review would have been totally deleted.

As you can see, it is a matter of a minute to eliminate those negative reviews that you have left on Google Maps.

Why remove a negative review from Google Maps?

There are times when reviews are written hot, it’s a big mistake. If we do it like this, we are not being objective at all and we will be letting ourselves be carried away by the anger of a bad experience. This is not to say that negative reviews are not written, but rather that it is better to take time to write an informed opinion. Taking time to analyze the reason for that bad experience we have suffered is one of the best ideas to write informed reviews. and help other users. If it is a restaurant, think about why this situation has occurred.

Was it perhaps a high peak of influx? Was the service overwhelmed? Giving reflection an opportunity is the best we can do to be fair with what we are writing. If decisions are made quickly, we will be leaving equity aside and we will be letting ourselves be carried away by feelings. It is time to reflect before sitting down to write. Travel in time with Google Maps: this is how you can do it with your mobile

Be empathic when writing a review on Google Maps

Now you have to get on the other side. Perhaps it is you who has received the negative review, perhaps in a not entirely fair way. The client has not entered to assess the reason for that situation, he has only commented hot, but it is your business that takes the worst part.

Does it feel good to receive a negative review that is not entirely fair? It is true, you always have the right to reply, but if they don’t leave us that bad review it would be much better for us. Therefore, you can also take an example and think twice when writing your reviews.

Editing a negative review on Google Maps is possible

You may want to qualify an old negative review you left on Google Maps a long time ago. You have the possibility to edit the one you wrote, and it is done in the same way that we have described before. Only, when you get to the “Your Contributions” list, You will have to choose the “Edit” option and not the “Delete.” This way you can perhaps balance the balance and leave a fairer opinion.

We must recognize that these are not good times for business in general, but think if What you are going to contribute to Google Maps deserves some time to reflect. Giving yourself, and giving others, a new opportunity always has beneficial effects.

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