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Starlink Exceeds 400,000 users, popularity will Blast in 2022

It’s official, Starlink has surpassed 400,000 users worldwide. In recent months, satellite Internet service has grown exponentially, with only 250,000 users just three months ago. SpaceX’s support for Ukraine could be the cause of this sudden surge in popularity.

In recent months, Starlink seems to be developing at a breakneck pace. If the service doesn’t break new throughput records, it will welcome thousands of new users. Indeed, in a document published Monday for the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), the US market regulation authority, the latter reveals surpassed 400,000 users worldwide. In addition to this great achievement, it is above all exponential growth. Three months ago, Starlink still had 250,000 users. In the same period, the internet-per-satellite service saw its number of subscribers climb 60% You wonder where SpaceX could find all these users in such a short time. The answer could very well lie in Ukraine.

Starlink records 150,000 users in just three months

Remember: At the beginning of the war triggered by Russia’s invasion of the country, Elon Musk announced the shipment of several hundred SpaceX antennas to Kiev and other key cities. Since then, many Ukrainians have used the service to evade the enemy’s relentless cyberattacks. So these are potentially several tens of thousands of users that suddenly appeared in the total number of subscribers. Nevertheless, it is difficult to be sure as the document does not specify whether these Ukrainian users really counted in the total number of subscribers.

However, SpaceX adds that it plans to “connect even more people and places with its next-generation user terminals.” At present, the space company has already 25,000 satellites in orbit around the earth.

As for the next generation, we will definitely have to wait a little longer for the launch. Elon Musk recently explained that the Falcon 9 rocket has “neither the volume nor the mass in orbit necessary for the V2 satellite”. Further, SpaceX is still waiting for the final agreement to launch its first flight test into Earth orbit.

Source: PCMag