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How to take a picture using Chromebook

ChromeOS has a great variety of tablets that let you buy webcams, along with a variety of Chromebooks. These tablets are great for photography as they have world-facing webcams. These tablets contain a webcam on the back of the device.

You might want to take a picture to see how you appear in front of the camera, even on typical clamshell Chromebooks where the webcam is a selfie camera facing you. Well, ChromeOS is simple to use, much like the best Windows laptops. Using the Camera app is all that is required.

How to take a picture using a Chromebook

For taking pictures from a Chromebook, you need to open the camera app from the ChromeOS launcher. Here are some simple steps to achieve that action.

Make sure the privacy guard on the camera is turned off if you’re using a Chromebook and want to see the lens. Instead, if the camera has an electronic switch, press the corresponding key on your keyboard to turn it on.

  • Tap on the circular ChromeOS launcher situated on the lower left side of your screen.
  • Type camera
  • Select the top result to open the camera.
  • There’ll be multiple options available in the camera app.
  • To take a picture, click Picture. If your device has more than one camera, the camera app will have an icon with two arrows in a circle. Your device changes to the webcam that faces the outside world when you click this. Choose the one you want.
  • To take a picture, tap the circle icon. Your Chromebook will automatically store the image.
  • You will be able to snap a portrait photo with a blurred background if your device supports these additional camera features. Simply click it in the camera app’s bottom section.
  • You can also take a video, scan a document, or scan a QR code. Simply choose Scan to access these.
  • A picture can also be rotated from left to right.
  • To the picture you just took. the Files app, then. Choose a camera next.

That is all there is to know about using a Chromebook to shoot pictures. If you have Google Assistant enabled on your Chromebook, you may open the camera app even more quickly by saying “Hey Google” followed by the phrase “Open my camera.” Say “Take my picture” to the Google Assistant to start the photo shoot. With the Google Pictures or Gallery apps, you may easily modify a photo after it has been taken.

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