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Twitter is working on a latest feature that might let you hide the fact you pay to use Twitter


It might be a possibility that you can enjoy all the features that you get with a Twitter Blue subscription, but you are not a fan of being associated with an image of Elon Musk. We can expect a solution for this issue in the coming days. As per information from Boing Boing Notes, a feature is under testing that will allow you to hide blue ticks on your profile. This feature was spotted by developer Alessandro Paluzzi. As long as you aren’t writing up a long tweet, it will keep the perks of subscription hidden and other users on the platform will be unable to know about your paid subscription. However, it is mandatory to verify your government ID in order to use this feature.

Since Elon Musk took over the platform, Twitter is unable to comment on any of the matters as it has disbanded its communication resources. As announced by Twitter, it will begin removing verified checkmarks on April 1st. The same announcement was made by Elon Musk about the removal of these checkmarks that were called corrupt by Musk.

Of course, there are other reasons besides modesty or embarrassment for which you might want to conceal the checkmark. You might not want to give the impression that your employer’s views are reflected in your tweets. You might not want to run the risk of confusing users if you have the same name as a famous person.

Twitter might not make the checkmark-hiding feature widely available. Nevertheless, if the business continues along this path, it might further reduce the value of the blue tick by making it less consistently visible. Additionally, Twitter now distinguishes between commercial and government accounts with gold and grey checkmarks, which are the genuine upper-echelon emblems.

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