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How to Take Advantage of the Opportunity to Win a Car

If you played GTA V you might get the idea that it’s common practice for casinos to allow players to win a car. Technically this is true, but such opportunities are rare, and there is almost no way you can do this if you play online. However, when you think about it, there isn’t a good reason for a gambling institution to have cars as regular rewards. In fact, winning a car could be a nuisance in multiple instances, while we can’t say the same for the cash reward Here we will talk about when it’s usually possible to win this reward, the best way to win at a casino both online and offline, and what to do if you win a car at the casino.  

Use Online Casinos to Win Money and Simply Buy a Car

In order to make money for a new car, you will have to hit a jackpot. You can do this if you gamble online or in a land-based casino. However, thanks to various features and the bonuses of online casinos, like wagering advisors, you are more likely to hit the jackpot by playing online. First of all, you can make a payment or a small deposit and qualify for free spins, a match on that deposit, or even free chips, depending on where you play. Then you can do the same thing across multiple platforms to make the most value out of your payment and play through multiple promotions. Once you eventually win, just withdraw money and go to your local car dealer.

Bear in mind that online gambling sites also offer an array of free spins no deposit uk and even no-wagering bonuses. This means you have a chance to win legitimately without even making a deposit. Players who are interested in winning big rewards typically play slot games, and most bonuses are geared towards that user base.

Use a Trusted Payment Solution for Online Casinos

If you wish to make enough money for a brand-new car, then you need to choose an operator that has an array of secure payment options. Whenever you make the payment or withdraw money the banking solution will dictate the fee and the speed of that transaction. It can also affect your withdrawal limit. In the Netherlands, one of the best options is Skrill payments. You can find multiple operators that allow this payment method and then play through the bonus offers that are available. 

When Can You Win a Car

Whenever a casino has a deal with a car manufacturer they might add this commodity to their reward pool. Casino games are really not designed around this reward, and it won’t appear on a chip, or on symbols for slot games. Car rewards might be added to several gambling options:

  • Wheel of fortune type game
  • Scratch cards
  • Poker tournaments
  • Special event with a lottery

This is why it’s almost impossible to see this type of reward on a gambling website. Their physical office might be in another country and they would have to go through a lot of hoops to deliver your reward. They are more likely to offer cash instead, which kind of beats the purpose of having a car reward in the first place. However, if the operator has a strong local presence with multiple establishments throughout your country or city, then winning online would be possible.

What to Do if You Win a Car?

If you like the reward and were looking to get a brand new vehicle then it’s likely you would simply take it. However, this is also rarely the case. The car also needs regular maintenance and if it’s a brand new model or expensive then those expenses will be higher. Moreover, depending on your law, you might have to pay tax for winning it. Again even if you were thinking about a new car chances are you wouldn’t go for that model simply because it’s incompatible with your lifestyle. If this is the case then definitely ask for a cash prize instead and simply buy the one you want or in this case the one that suits you.  


As you can see the best way to win is to play online, since cash is always more versatile. You can become a casino winner on a wheel of fortune spin and get a car as a reward, but even if that happens, turning that prize into pure cash is a better option.

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