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How to use dynamic content in emails to your advantage

Email marketers are lucky to be known as one of the best marketing channels that retain 81% of customers. According to stats, it’s five times more costly to attract a new customer than to retain an existing one. But that too requires a great deal of continuous effort by showcasing the targeted material that is preferred by the customers.

These days, dynamic content is the most powerful strategy an email marketer can utilize to increase engagement and improve the efficiency of email campaigns through email customization.

Dynamic email content is content that varies based on the recipient of the message. This enables marketers to deliver a single message personalized to each recipient’s needs and interests, as opposed to sending several emails to each recipient individually.

1.   Refer to Past Purchases

Sending a follow-up email is a wonderful idea to retain your past customers. You keep on reminding them that you have purchased this from us and you might like this new product. Similarly, Amazon does a fantastic job of tracking your previous purchases and sending follow-up emails with a “You purchased this, so you might also enjoy this” upsell. This basic strategy of emailing customers who have previously made a purchase results in increased sales and a higher lifetime value.

2.   Dynamic Email Templates

Those who are not familiar with graphics and design can opt for dynamic email templates. Stripo builder is one of those email template sites that provides you with everything regarding email. All you are required to do is visit their website and choose what befits you the most for creating the best dynamic email template.

3.   Content based on a product suggestion

You can create product bundles based on site-wide information and product attributes. Items are grouped together based on shoppers with similar viewing and purchasing patterns. This contains “often purchased things” and “items of a similar nature.”

4.   Send relevant content

No matter if list segmentation or dynamic content is used, the subscriber gets personalized content. Dynamic email helps you send more relevant content to your subscribers that is better tailored to them.

As the content is dynamically updated, you can offer custom pricing, discounts, or a hook that addresses the reason why people abandon their shopping carts. Give a custom email reminder to re-order a product or suggest another product.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is dynamic email safe?

Yes, generating a dynamic email is safe to a greater extent, however, it might be a risk if you send irrelevant content. It happens when the dynamic email settings aren’t set up correctly. So, you need to be careful while setting up a dynamic email.

What does the term “dynamic email” mean?

With dynamic email, you can send different content to different groups of people instead of sending everyone the same email. This kind of marketing is only possible when the dynamic email is turned on.


A dynamic email is one that is always changing. The email marketer’s best and most trusted ally. Use dynamic content to personalize emails depending on geography, show courtesy by addressing recipients by name, and deliver offers that are tailored to the tastes of each individual user. It has a beneficial effect on conversion as well as overall return on investment (ROI).

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