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How to Watch Blocked or Restricted YouTube Videos


In this article, we will tell our readers about how to watch blocked or restricted YouTube videos. The best way to have unrestricted access to YouTube content is to sign in.

If you don’t want to sign in here are a few solutions to unblock YouTube videos.

Connecting through a VPN is the best solution to access a blocked YouTube video. Select the appropriate server location or change the server location until you find the right one to have access to the restricted or blocked video. You can choose ExpressVPN, VyprVPN or any other to resolve the issue.

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Usually, a user needs to have a subscription for a VPN. So if you want to watch a blocked YouTube video for free, use any free proxy services.

You can also use a trick to unblock videos simply by replacing the word “youtube” from the URL with “tubeunblock”.

The age-restricted YouTube videos can also be viewed by replacing the word “watch” from the URL with “watch_popup”.

So we have shared different tricks with our readers through which they can watch a blocked or restricted video. But here is a Disclaimer. Do not watch content that is not your age. If you need access to a certain video for a specific constructive reason, only then use these directions.

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  1. I hate those restrictions! Internet should be for everyone and I think we have a right to know, read, watch whatever we want. But for now, I have NordVPN and I don’t care about those restrictions! Even Netflix is available and I can watch whatever library I want.

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