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How You Can Turn Off Instagram Post Suggestions

The post suggestions that Instagram shows you can be very annoying, so it is best to disable them by following these steps.

In this article, we explain step by step How can you turn off post suggestions? Instagram. You can easily recognize these suggestions since they are those publications that appear in your publications section and that they do not belong to users you follow. Basically, they are posts from strangers that the platform shows you so you can find new content.

These suggestions can be very annoying since they are interspersed between the posts that you are really interested in and make you waste time while browsing the home screen. Fortunately, Instagram offers a feature that allows you to disable these post suggestions. with just two easy steps. Let’s see what you need to do to finally remove this content from accounts you don’t follow. If you’re bothered by Instagram post suggestions, easily turn them off.

How to turn off Instagram post suggestions

When browsing Instagram, you can clearly differentiate suggested posts from those posted by users you follow. This is possible thanks to the title “Suggested Posts” that appears at the top of each one. To show you this content, the photography platform is based on posts that you have “liked” above. As we said, Instagram offers an option to disable these suggestions. There is an important aspect to take into account, and that is that this deactivation is only available for 30 days. Once its deactivation expires, you can perform the same procedure to pause the suggestions again for another 30 days. It is not the best solution, but it is the only one that Instagram has at the moment.

These are the steps to follow:

  • Open Instagram on your mobile.
  • Find a suggested post and tap on the cross that appears in the upper right area Of the same.
  • In the options menu that appears, tap on “Pause all suggested posts in the feed for 30 days”.

In this way, the section of publications that you see will be completely clean and you will not see any posts from users that you do not follow. Once those 30 days of rigor have passed, you just have to follow these two simple steps to turn suggestions off again on the other hand, if what you want is to stop seeing certain suggested posts and not all, by tapping on the X icon you will find some useful options.

For example, you can choose to see no more suggestions from that account specifically or no longer receive suggestions related to the content you “liked”. As you can see, Instagram gives users some options to configure those suggested posts, so it is best to use them to use the platform the way we like it.

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