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Huawei Gets New Allegations Of Espionage At Munich Huawei Research Center


Serious allegations against Huawei: Employees of the Huawei research center in Munich have made public how they were commissioned by a manager of the group to spy on competitor Cisco.

Such allegations are not entirely new. At the beginning of this year, it was reported that the German government had evidence of industrial espionage on behalf of Huawei. But now there is a specific incident that affects employees from Munich. Several members of the Huawei development team turned to Welt and described the case.

Competitors Cisco should be spied on

Accordingly, a group manager who was in charge of them had commissioned the IT specialists “in March 2019 to research important software from competitor Cisco and to copy it in an unauthorized manner,” reports the news magazine. These allegations were underpinned by extensive correspondence that the employees collected – mainly because the manager’s assignment did not seem right to them. Accordingly, they did not want to fulfill this mandate to sniff out the competition. According to the report, they first tried to have the manager’s request checked by their own legal department, but such a check should not have come about.

The team charged with espionage no longer exists in its former form. After they spoke out against the contract, one employee was dismissed, one demoted and another’s a contract not renewed, according to the Welt report.

When asked at the headquarters of the research center in Munich, Huawei had told the world that this incident “did not violate any external legal or contractual provisions or internal guidelines at any time”.