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Huawei is expected to introduce the Polar Fox Alpha S on April 20th

Huawei is prepping up to introduce the BAIC Polar Fox Alpha S on April 20th.

Polar Fox Alpha S

Huawei is prepping up for a press conference at Huawei’s global flagship store in Shanghai on April 20. It is reportedly said that that the company may release a new car product. This conference could be the “heavyweight press conference in Huawei’s history.”

This would be an online conference which is a “flagship press conference about cars.” It is to remind you that Huawei is not planning to release any vehicle, particularly an electric vehicle with its own name. The company will cooperate with other automobile brands to release smart cars. According to sources, BAIC is one of the few companies that Huawei is cooperating with.

BAIC is working on the Polar Fox Alpha S that comes with a maximum range of 708 km. According to an official statement, the starting price of this car is $39,000.

This car has smooth lines and a concealed handlebar design, an 800V high-voltage battery platform, and a computing power of up to 400 TOPs. Moreover, the 2.2C flash charging technology would achieve 10 minutes to supplement 196km of battery life.

BAIC Polar Fox Alpha S will also come with a ternary lithium battery pack and a wheelbase of 2915mm. The base variant is a two-wheel-drive design, having a maximum power of 160kW and an acceleration time of 7.7s per hundred kilometres. The high variant – the Huawei HI version – will have a power of 320kW, a 4-wheel drive design, and an acceleration time of 4.2s per hundred kilometres.

The standard variant will come with HarmonyOS interconnected with the cockpit, a 21.69″ all-in-one ultra-clear large screen with 3840 x 720 resolution, and 180PPI display accuracy. As quoted, the cabin uses the Kirin 990A chip, has 3.5TOPs computing power, and supports a 5G network connection.