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Huawei is preparing a significant return to the global smartphone market

As compared to the past, the presence of Huawei in the international market is not remarkable at all. The company observed some serious consequences given the US ban and restrictions. According to some recent pieces of information, Huawei is all set to return to the international smartphone market.

Although Huawei products are available in a few markets outside China, they are not at the level that any other company holds in the international market dynamics. Huawei smartphones were available in Europe; however, there was no balance in their availability, and the smartphones did not make it to all markets.

It appears like the company is set to improve things on its end. Recently, the company debuted the Huawei Mate 60 series and a foldable smartphone named the Mate X5. The company has used its own Kirin 9000s processor in all the above-mentioned devices. The technology has created confusion and doubts among the community given the fact that Huawei and SMIC developed it without using US technology. Surprisingly, the Kirin 9000s processor supports 5G.

A few Mate 60 models will launch globally

Some sources from China say that the Mate 60 devices will be the first ones by the company to make their international debut. The report shared by IT Home includes references to insider sources that assure that this is going to be the case. However, there is no official release schedule or timeline.

A few Mate 60 models will make their way to the global smartphone market. However, according to the company’s claim, the Mate 60 Pro will be exclusive to the Chinese market. Such claims are relevant to only one model and not the entire series. Although the Kirin 9000s processor might not be as efficient as the Snapdragon 888 or any other processor, it is still a good approach to have an in-house 5G modem chip. Things will unfold with time since it will be a good competitive environment when high-end Huawei smartphones enter more markets.

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