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Huawei Launches New Upgraded Mate X Foldable Smartphone With Kirin 990 Chip

The Mate X Foldable smartphone was launched by Huawei in February this year, now Huawei Launches a new upgraded Mate X Foldable smartphone with Kirin 990 chip. The new Kirin 990 chip is more powerful than the previous Kirin 980 SoC.

In order to optimize the Huawei Mate X experience, the company is also upgrading the 40 million pixels RYYB main. The president of Huawei Europe and Canada, Yanmin Wang has confirmed the new Mate X in the last week’s event; he said that new Huawei Mate X is coming soon.

The device has now major upgrade of chipset which is expected to come soon in the market as the new chipset also requires attention in the market, Huawei is equipping new Huawei devices including Mate 30 and Mate 30 pro with Kirin 990 SoC which is also coming soon in the market.

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Huawei is also testing a new OS Hongmeng in upcoming Huawei Mate 30 Lite, according to Wang, the Kirin 990 chipset is based on 7nm process which consumes less energy as compared to Kirin 980, it also performs better in terms of speed. It will also support all mainstream 5G networks. However, Wang did not clearly answer the question of whether it will support the mainstream 5G frequency band in North America (30~300GHz high-frequency millimeter wave).

So there are doubts that Kirin 990 will support this band or not. However, Kirin 990 has another big change, 4K 60fps video recording which was not available previously for Kirin 980. Huawei is also holding an event on German IFA on September 6th.

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