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Huawei New Charger Will Provide 135W Fast Charging

The information leaked by a Chinese Tipser on Weibo discovered that a brand-new charging adapter from Huawei has passed the national 3C certification with a certified power of up to 135W, but it is uncertain whether it is used for fast charging of mobile phones or computers and other devices Fast charge.

This power adapter model is HW-200675CP0, which is produced by Dongguan Aohai Technology, and supports six power levels of 15W, 27W, 60W, 75W, 94W, and 135W.

As far as known products are concerned, the 65W Huawei Super-Fast Charge Multi-Protocol Charger HW-200200CP1 should be the most powerful power adapter among Huawei’s products, supporting QC2.0, FCP, SCP and SSCP (10V/4A ) And other fast charging protocols. It also supports fixed voltage files such as 5V/3A, 9V/3A, 12V/3A, 15V/3A, 20V/3.25A, etc., and supports fast charging for various devices such as mobile phones 55W and laptop computers 65W. Of course, Huawei also has a new super-fast charging charger with a maximum of 66W, but it seems to only support the two gears of 11V6A and 5V2A, and the Huawei store does not seem to have it on the shelves.