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Huawei P11 is launching early in 2018

Huawei executive said that Huawei will launch P11 most probably at MWC. This news is further strengthened as some Huawei officials at an event in Germany confirmed this that Huawei P11 will launch in the first quadrant of 2018.

The predecessor of Huawei, Huawei P10 was also announced last February at MWC event. Then it went on sale in March. So most probably Huawei P11 will release on similar dates.

Huawei P11 is rumored to have triple lens camera. The triple-lens camera would definitely do better than the dual lens cameras in order to produce quality images that are sharper, less noisy, color corrected and much more.

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The front camera of P11 will be same Leica branded 24 MP while the back camera will have 5X hybrid zoom which can take snaps from a distance. Huawei P11 is coming with amazing display panels that has EA8074 CMD TFT LCD. The size of the panel is 6.01 inches, resolution packed FHD+ and pixels 1080 x 2160.

Another feature rumored to be part of the phone is “Pro Night Mode” feature and Artificial intelligence capability. Pro night mode will help users to take sharper images in low light conditions. Instant scene recognition and auto framing and processing would be done with AI integration.

The price of Huawei P11 is yet unknown but judging from Huawei P9 and P10 prices that were £449 and £569 respectively, Huawei P11 will most probably range between £550 and £600.

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