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Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 plus unveiling in a video

A long-rumored device, Samsung’s new flagship’s are out there now in 3D rendering video, the video is CAD-based showing it in 3D from all angles, now you can get the real idea how it looks like and how it will feel when it comes in your hands.

Let’s start commentary on the smaller Galaxy S9 first, the design looks almost similar to the previous Galaxy S8 but there are some notable changes.

The most prominent is the vertical setting at the back which accommodates camera and fingerprint sensor, another notable thing is the rear camera, Galaxy S9 will only have one rear camera, Samsung is almost playing like Apple in its new flagships in 2018.

You can see the curved screen is still there, the bezels at the top and bottom seem to be the same size as of S8, but the bottom bezel appears to be little smaller. It discards the previous rumors of the bezel-less bottom after all.

Now the bigger model Galaxy S9 plus also appears to be similar, but it has dual camera setting at the back. The cameras sit vertically above the fingerprint sensor as you can see in the video.

Both models have the metal frame with glass sandwiching, the rear glass sheet also curves like the front display glass. Both models will have Iris scanning, 3.5mm headset jack is never going anywhere as well.

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As far as dimensions are concerned, the Galaxy S9 is said to be 147.6×68.7×8.4mm. The phone is little shorter around 1.3mm and little wider roughly 0.6mm and bit thicker around 0.4mm than the predecessor. The Galaxy S9 plus, however, comes with 157.7×73.8×8.5mm, again it is shorter by 1.8mm, wider by 0.4mm and thicker by 0.4mm as compared to S8 plus model.

The two flagships might miss the grand event CES next month but the official unveiling is supposed to be in March. The handsets carry Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 845 chipset in the US but the rest of the world will receive them with Exynos SoC.

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