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Huawei Shipments to Decline by 24% in 2019

A latest research report by Strategy Analytics called ’Will Huawei Survive Under the US Ban?’ was released. The expectation is that without Google Mobile Services authorization, smartphone business of Huawei in overseas market will face risks in 2019 and 2020. Especially in the Western Europe market, the uncertainties will be more.

The report stated that if the ban continues, the global smartphone shipments of Huawei will decline by 24% year-on-year in 2019. Then in 2020, the shipments will continue to decline by 23 percent year-on-year.

The report claims that the administrative actions of Trump will make it difficult for Huawei to utilize US hardware and software.

By the short term Huawei exit, Samsung and Apple’s high-end market will benefit. It is pertinent to mention here that before Huawei was added to the US Commerce Department’s Entity List, it shipped 59.1 million smartphones globally in the first quarter of 2019.

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This was up by 59.1% year-on-year. This also meant that Huawei overtook Apple was acquiring 17.9% global share. The company shipped around 205.8 million smartphones globally.

It is believed by an analyst with Strategy Analytics Shui Qian that Huawei despite facing issues will rise.

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