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The US Wants South Korea To Abandon Huawei Products

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The trade war between the U.S. and China is burgeoning now with some latest developments where Google announced to put a ban on Huawei Technologies so it cannot use Google Services. Now the U.S. wants South Korea to abandon Huawei products in a weird fashion.

According to the report published by Reuters, the U.S. has indicated that South Korea has to abandon Huawei products if it wants to keep up trade and mutual cooperation with the United States. During a meeting with South Korean fellow, the official from the US State Department said that LG Uplus should be blocked to serve in sensitive areas because it uses Huawei’s network equipment.

This is a clear message from the United States putting pressure on South Korea to drop Huawei products. The United States has already gone far enough with Huawei, quite recently, the U.S. ordered Google to stop supplying software and app services to Huawei and ordered Qualcomm to stop dealing with Huawei in parts.

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South Korean carrier stated that we do not receive any official requests from South Korean or U.S. foreign authorities on the matter. According to a BBC report published on Wednesday, ARM has also banned Huawei from doing business with it; Huawei currently relies heavily on ARM for design architecture of its Kirin chips.    

Despite being the biggest ally of United States, South Korea’s stance on banning Huawei is not clear yet, China is the biggest export market for Asian countries which could create mutual problems in this trade war. Foreign Office South Korea stated that we are aware of the U.S. position on the security of 5G networks, however, South Korean position is still murky. Huawei expects to see 24% drop in global shipments due to this disastrous trade war imposed on it by the U.S. government, the company was expected to become the second largest mobile phones company in the world crossing Apple this year.

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