Huawei might unveil the first-ever triple-folding smartphone early next year

According to the information shared by industry sources and a tipster, the first-ever triple-folding smartphone could arrive in Q1 2024. After reading this information, you might be wondering which company is backing this concept. Well, we are talking about Huawei.

According to the available information, the development process of a triple-folding device is running smoothly. It might hit the market shelves before March 2024. Furthermore, we will have two such devices next year since Samsung is also working on a triple-folding device. It is expected to arrive in 2025.

The information was further backed by display analyst Ross Young. He mentioned in comments that Huawei’s triple-folding device was expected to arrive by this year’s end. However, it has been postponed by a few months. We assume that since this device folds three times, it’s some kind of tablet. When it unfolds, it will give us a large display, and it will probably fold down into a gadget the size of a smartphone.

It is unclear if its thickness will be a problem

Thickness is a major issue, even when it comes to foldables. So, it could be a major problem with a triple-folding device since triple-folding phones include an additional layer on top of the standard folding phone, making them noticeably bulkier. Huawei has introduced its foldable phones with thin bezels, comparatively. If the above-mentioned information is correct, then we will have a triple-folding device without Google Play Services, given the US restrictions. The company might debut the device internationally since it will be the world’s first device in this segment.

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