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Huge anti-piracy coalition against anime/manga piracy planned

Japanese comics and cartoons, i.e. mangas and animes, have long been very popular with us. The availability is getting better and better, but many are turning to illegal sources. And they should soon have a harder time, according to a new industry alliance. First of all, we apologize for using the word cartoon, because yes, we know that anime is something very special. Be that as it may: alongside video games, anime and manga are the most important Japanese pop culture exports, but they are not always sold legally. This is also the reason why the Japanese content industry is making great efforts to prevent or at least curb the illegal distribution of content. The anti-piracy group Content Overseas Distribution Association (CODA) has recently set up a new and downright massive anti-file-sharing alliance that specializes in such content.

Establishment planned for April

Like the file sharing blog TorrentFreak reports, the International Anti-Piracy Organization (IAPO) is to be founded in April; the aforementioned CODA is to assume the central role and responsibility therein. To this end, the Japanese anti-piracy hunters have not only joined forces with the powerful Motion Picture Association (MPA), but also with the Copyright Society of China and several other organizations of this kind. “Our plan is to set up the new organization in or around April of this year and to pass on the information gathered in each country via piracy websites and, for example, to make it available to the police in the country where the servers are located “, explains CODA boss Masaharu Ina. Should IAPO actually be founded, and there is hardly any doubt about that, then the organization would not only be the largest association against manga / anime piracy, but also one of the largest media organizations of its kind in the world. File sharing, piracy, file sharing, piracy, software piracy, skull

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