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Ikea Symfonisk: The next generation of Sonos WLAN speakers

The furniture store Ikea has given its Symfonisk shelf WiFi speaker an upgrade. The loudspeaker, produced in cooperation with Sonos, is now listed in the second generation and will receive adjustments in terms of operation and technology under the hood. With the Symfonisk family, Ikea is currently providing the cheapest entry into the Sonos ecosystem with Apple’s AirPlay 2 and co is sold for 99.99 euros. However, the differences to the first generation are not immediately visible and sometimes have to be looked for in the “small print”.

Slightly changed controls, new accessories and a faster processor

On closer inspection, it is noticeable, among other things, that the order of physical operation on the front of the WLAN loudspeaker has changed. In the second generation, the buttons for volume control are right next to each other instead of being separated from the play-pause button. Caschy’s blog also reports that the length of the power cable supplied has been increased from 1.5 meters to two meters and that slight technical changes have crept in. Similar to the upgrade of the Sonos One in spring 2019, the Symfonisk shelf WiFi speaker will apparently have a more powerful processor and more memory. In the same breath, the power consumption in stand-by mode drops from around 2.55 watts to around 2.05 watts. Despite the new generation, it should also still be possible to couple both models as a stereo pair. In the Ikea online shop, only the white color variant is currently available as available. There is currently no information available on the availability in black. See also: speakers, speaker, Sonos, Ikea, Symfonisk, 2nd generation, 2022, WLAN-Speaker Ikea