For 2025: Apple working on Foldable iPad

Apple is apparently pushing ahead with its plans for an iPad with a foldable display. According to a report from Asia, the US computer company is working with a number of suppliers toward mass production of its first foldable in 2025.

Small quantities are expected from the end of 2024

According to supply chain sources relied on by Taiwanese industry service DigiTimes, Apple is working with some suppliers to develop a foldable iPad. It is currently assumed that small-scale production could start as early as the end of 2024. The device is therefore expected to be presented at the end of next year or at the beginning of 2025.

According to the report’s sources, Apple has been working on foldable products for around four years, with constant design changes being made. The design of the first foldable iPad is not yet finished. Supposedly the focus is on the display itself and the hinges required for folding.

Simple Design To Cut Costs

According to previous reports from South Korea, Apple is said to be in contact with the display divisions of Samsung and LG in order to secure sufficient quantities of high-quality foldable screens based on OLED. The US company is reportedly particularly concerned about the “crease” in the area where the panel is particularly stressed when folded.

According to the report, Apple also wants to find ways to greatly simplify the design and thereby make production cheaper and easier. Of course, as with smartphones, it’s primarily about reducing the number of necessary components. According to the report, the procurement department in particular decides which new products Apple brings onto the market because concerns about costs currently play the biggest role.

In the long term, Apple is said to continue to plan a foldable iPhone. But you want to start with a tablet, they say. The reason given for this is the significantly lower number of units, which makes it easier to keep any problems that might arise with customers in check.

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