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In 2023, Google will increase the security and safety of Android and the Play Store

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Since the beginning of this year, we have been hearing about improvements in the security of users’ data. Previously, some reports highlighted how Google is working to improve its services. Since the company has indicated that it intends to make Android a more safe mobile ecosystem in 2023. It is believed that the data Safety Section of Google Play will receive improvements and transparency in the data collection and sharing practices. The new features will present clarity as well as more control regarding deletion practices.

Several developers are requesting the company to let them introduce extra web3 components like tokenized digital assets such as NFTs, into their apps and games. As a response, the company has decided to maintain a balance between innovation and data privacy based on a plan. For this reason, the tech giant is reviewing the data policies. The policies are being evaluated for how their evolution will impact the platform.

Besides this, the company has introduced a ‘Play Developer Community’. It was introduced in February 2023. Furthermore, the company is also expanding its pilot programs. For instance, the Google Play Developer Helpline now provides direct policy support. The company has indicated that the pilot has been extended to around 60,000 in 26 countries. In contrast to November 2022, 16,000 more developers and 9 more countries have been added. Moreover, the company indicated that almost 5,000 policy support sessions have been conducted with developers so far.  

Given the perspective of SDK, developers are requesting help them decide on better SDKs.  For this, the company has introduced a method that enables direct communication between SDK providers and developers. In this way, all critical issues with specific SDK versions via the Play Console and Android Studio are resolved.

In addition to this, support for fixing SDK-related crashes is also provided. The Google Play SDK Index is a part of this. It provides the developers with insights and usage data for the 100 most well-known commercial SDKs on Google Play. In conclusion, all such practices will help Android smartphones and tablets become more secure.

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