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Google restores the Play Store’s missing app changelogs on the web

Nowadays app updates are not as interesting as they used to be. Knowingly, the only updates that apps receive these days include bug fixes or background changes. Besides these, there is no addition of significant new features. But this aspect doesn’t undermine the importance of changelogs. Although small the changelogs mention the insights introduced by the app developer. At the beginning of the year 2023, the company removed the changelogs from its Play Store on the web. As per an internal Play Store team member, the changelogs will soon be back on the web. The member regarded this move as accidental.

After a week of this news coming in, thankfully the feature is back for the Play Store on the web. One thing to clarify here is that the feature was only missing from the web version of the Play Store. However, the mobile app was presented with the changelogs i.e., the latest release notes of an app.

App Release notes are quite beneficial as they provide the users with insights into the active development of the apps. Previously, the app developers used to introduce regular updates to the apps. However, now it appears that the apps are no longer updated actively on the Play Store. Just to mention that the big G is utilizing the same three-year-old changelog for the Google app. Similarly, most of the other apps by Google have not received regular updates for the What’s New section.

Well, if you rely on the web version of the Play Store for keeping track of app updates and changes, you can continue with your activity. However, do note that this is not the first time that the company has removed changelogs from the web. Back in March 2022, the company also removed the changelogs from its web. The backlash from users and media urged the company to restore the feature. It appears that the company has taken this step once again in response to user reactions.

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