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Samsung: Rumors of a new internal CPU development team are untrue

Samsung worked hard to introduce its own SoC. It was successful with the Exynos processors. However, given the performance issues, the plan was not that profitable. For this reason, the company has shifted towards Qualcomm for the provision of SoCs. Currently, the company has introduced the flagship Galaxy S23 series with a dedicated Qualcomm processor. It is assumed that the company will introduce the Galaxy S24 series with a Qualcomm chip.

Besides this information, for the previous few days, a piece of news circulating suggests that the tech giant is working on the development of custom CPU cores for future devices. Well, the tech company has claimed that all such reports are untrue. The reports also suggested that the company has organized an internal team that will work on CPU core development. In contrast, the official source states that the company has already multiple teams dedicated to working on CPU development and optimization. Side by side the company is actively recruiting global talent from specific fields.

The recent statement by the company suggests that it might possibly utilize ARM’s stock CPU cores in its future products. Besides this, it appears that ARM has modified its licensing terms that do not permit OEMs to make changes to the stock design. Since Qualcomm’s acquisition of Nuvia, ARM, and Qualcomm have been in conflict over the licensing conditions for ARM’s CPU core designs.

Besides this, some previous reports indicated that Samsung MX is going to develop an in-house smartphone chipset with the help of an internal team. However, there is no word on the confirmation of this news. Furthermore, it is been speculated that Samsung might utilize an in-house chipset for the Galaxy S25 in early 2025.

Given the average performance of Exynos processors, the company is under pressure from the consumers. In addition to this, the company was involved in GOS (Game Optimization Service) controversy. The company resolved the particular issue by offering a software update that would turn off the GOS on its smartphones.

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