In an effort to avoid controversy, TikTok introduced a non-personalized feed

Personalization and curation of material are key components of video-sharing platforms for attracting users’ attention. It seems the EU doesn’t like that, and as a result, TikTok had to launch a fresh, non-personalized feed on the platform. In addition, another update will be made to the platform, according to a recent blog post.

For quite some time now, the EU has been making all the necessary efforts to make the Internet a safe and better place for everybody. In 2022, the EU came forward with the Digital Services Act (DSA). The DSA includes several rules and regulations that are applicable to online shops, social media sites, and search engines. If a company doesn’t abide by the law, it is at risk of getting banned in the EU.

TikTok introduces a new non-personalized feed

While scrolling TikTok, users are presented with videos in accordance with their activity. If a user views cooking videos, more content relevant to cooking appears in the video feed. This is something not appreciated by the EU. Since the platform uses its algorithm to collect user data and provide them with curated content. For this reason, the EU has requested that TikTok make the necessary changes.

In line with the EU request, the company has come forward with a non-personalized feed option. Given this, users will now view popular content from their locality instead of curated content. The feed will now present random content for most streams. Some users might not be happy with this idea.

In order to follow the new rules, the company will introduce another feature specifically for users between 13- and 17 years of age. This group of the audience will no longer see personalized ads on the platform. People can receive ads depending on their activities outside of the site as well as on the platform itself. Since this was directed at multiple EU-based businesses, you should anticipate adjustments to more platforms.

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