In the upcoming weeks, Threads will have a web version and advanced search

Just a month ago, Meta introduced a new microblogging social network named Threads. The company is continuously adding new features to the platform. Previously, the platform received a chronological feed and built-in translations. As per the information, the platform is set to get a web version soon. Besides this, Threads will now receive an advanced search option as well.

Threads will soon have a web version

Well, the recent news is sourced out by Meta co-founder Mark Zuckerberg. He claims that in the upcoming weeks, Threads will receive advanced search as well as a web version. As of now, users have access to the mobile app Threads. The web version appears to be the most requested feature, and it is coming soon.  The web version will provide the platform for a desktop setup.

In the last week, we learned that Threads would receive a web version from Instagram head Adam Mosseri. He confirmed that the Threads team has been working on this. For a short period of time, the user profiles of Threads on the web showcased Reply buttons. The buttons were non-functional, i.e., nothing happened upon clicking the buttons. It was another indication that a web version was on the way.

Currently, users on Threads can search for accounts. The platform doesn’t support advanced search features. It means that presently, users can’t search for specific posts or words on Threads. But soon the platform will receive this feature.

As far as Apple users are concerned, no reports indicate that Threads will receive an iPad or Mac app.  One of the engineers at Meta claimed that although the company had been testing a Mac version internally, the software was “buggy and not worth spending time to fix” because there were more crucial issues to address.

Threads surpassed ChatGPT’s record as the most rapidly growing consumer application after reaching the 100 million user mark within two months of its introduction by having more than 100 million users just five days after launch. However, Threads lacked several features. For this reason, most of the users have left the platform.

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