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In iOS 17, the App Store App Can Now Inform the time an App will require to Download

Apple has just recently introduced iOS 17 during the WWDC 2023 event. The company has introduced the new iOS with several upgrades as well as new features. The tech firm has introduced one change to the App Store app. Although the change is small, it is quite significant. With the recent change, users can get information about the time it will take for an app to be downloaded.

The time left for the download to finish is shown next to the “Get” app button when it is clicked in an app listing. It is shown by the circular download symbol. One thing to notice here is that the time left won’t be displayed if it is anticipated that the installation will only take a moment.

Well, how much time an app takes to download depends on many factors. One such factor is the internet speed and another is the app size. These factors can contribute to taking longer for certain apps to complete download once it has begun followed by the secure connection of ‌the App Store‌ server.

With this new modification, users will have an idea about how much time a particular download will take. It is better n contrast to a circular symbol that shows the progress of the download. Besides this, users can cancel the download depending on if the download takes longer than expected by the user. The download can be canceled by clicking on the cancel button provided in the circular icon.

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