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Virtual typing and hand gestures are supported by Apple Vision Pro

There have been several rumors regarding the AR/VR headset of Apple. In addition to all speculations and assumptions, there was no clarity about controlling the headset. Earlier some rumors suggested that it could include a control device. However, they didn’t gain much traction as other possibilities and rumors regarding hand gestures grew. Well, the company has utilized the hand gestures approach for controlling its Vision Pro headset.

How to navigate Vision Pro?

Well, this might be a confusing question for some people out there. As per the information, the Vision Pro by Apple uses hand gestures, spoken commands, and eye movements for navigation. Users can pick items on the display by looking at them. Followed by this, users can select them by tapping with their fingers. Similarly, users can scroll via a quick flick. It requires small movements for controlling and navigating. A microphone button provided in the search bar will show results when spoken commands are given. Furthermore, the song playing and app opening and closing can be done via Siri voice commands.

There will be an adjustment period because the Vision Pro navigation experience is likely to take some getting used to. Most other headsets on the market employ some sort of portable control device, thus hardly anybody will be familiar with the gesture-based control approach.

When it comes to typing, users can utilize the Bluetooth keyboard or one from a connected iPhone. However, the headset is provided with a virtual keyboard as well. Besides this, users can just dictate and get the desired results. Well, the interface of Vision Pro is new. It will require some time for users to get used to it. On the other hand, the app layout and navigation in the headset are similar to the one provided on an iPhone or iPad. Furthermore, not everything will be unfamiliar because apps are arranged in a “Home View” that is comparable to the Home Screen.

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