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The Vision Pro headset from Apple has interchangeable headbands and a light seal

Previously, rumors suggested that the AR/VR headset by Apple will be offered in several different colors. However, given the release of the Vision Pro headset, it appears that it will only come in one single color i.e., Silver. Despite this, we can expect some level of customization by using the accessories for the headset.

The headset display contains a Light Seal. the seal is magnetically connected to the display. With this design perspective, a tight fit between the device and the user’s face is created. It blocks out the light. In addition to this, a headband is also provided with the headset. The headband serves to hold the headset in place by fitting it to the back of the head. One thing to notice about the Light Seal and headband is that both can be removed and thus replaced.

As per some recent pieces of information, the company will offer several sizes well as shapes for the Light Seal. The Light Seal is composed of magnets that attach to the curved display. So, it’s very important to find the accurate size. It requires the Light Seal to fit precisely and firmly against the face thus blocking the external light.

The Audio Straps are used to attach the headband. The Audio Straps contain the speakers that produce spatial audio. In order to make the headband comfortable to wear, Apple used a flexible, 3D knit material with a ribbed structure. It is stretchy and breathable. Moreover, it has a fit dial that enables the user to adjust the size to match the user’s head.

While introducing the Vision Pro Apple claimed that the headband can be removed. Users can exchange it for different sizes. This statement indicates that the headbands will also come in different size options. In addition to this, the company mentioned that users can also use a different kind of band. So there are pretty chances that the tech firm designs more Apple Vision bands in the future.

Additionally, there is potential for third-party producers to design seal and band accessories for Apple Vision. In fact, we’ve already seen a few independent producer band options. In the future, Apple Vision might offer similar options as the Apple Watch, with a wide selection of bands.

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