Google is improving document access requests across Workspace

One of the most famous and widely used word-processing tools in the tech industry is Google Docs. Google continues to add new features to the app in order to enhance productivity. Docs by Google is available as the best word-processing solution on Android, the web, and ChromeOS. Just recently, the company made an announcement regarding a file-sharing system. The company states that file sharing will now become easier given the simplified approval process for countering access requests.

Currently, the file-sharing system requires access requests via email. Users are required to make and respond to requests through email. However, the company is changing this system. Now, requests can be reviewed and answered by file approvers right inside the file. On the Share button, a notification dot will appear. It will notify the time of access request. Furthermore, the share box is also provided with a new banner at the top that will help with quick response. The update is ready to implied for all Workspace apps like Sheets, Slides, Docs, and the rest.

Well, this is a great addition since it will streamline and improve workflow. Do note that the standard method of file sharing and reacting to requests will stay there. It is not going to be removed from the apps instead it will be available as a side option. If the “Notify” item is checked after the decision is made, the original requester will be notified by email of the outcome.

Previously, the tech giant Google has improved the file-sharing mechanism on Meet. Now, the tech firm has introduced improvements to the Workspace apps. Do note that the updates will be available to all users. They will be available in the upcoming weeks.

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