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Instagram Added a Request Button to Join in On Friends’ Live Stream

Previously in summers Instagram tested the live streaming feature and by the end of October launched the feature for Instagram friends to live stream together. This feature allowed users to add in people watching their live broadcast. At a time only two users could live stream together and could be seen through a split screen. The initiator of the live stream session could remove or add their guest whenever they want.

Yesterday the social app added the option to request to join in one’s friends live stream, just in case one feels like being the part of the live transmission.

The Instagram live mode is a lot like Periscope, which allows the users to watch the live stream being done by other users and to send hearts or comments. The recent update allows the user doing live stream to add a request button on their page for their friends so that if they did not join in the live session from start can join in between the solo live stream. Once the request button is clicked and the request is accepted the live stream gets divided in two either vertically or horizontally depending on which orientation the live stream is being watched.

Presently, the new feature rolled out could be used just between two Instagram friends. A person whom the user has not followed back would not even be able to send you a request for joining the live stream.

The request feature could also prove annoying as during the live stream one could get continuous budges from friends so unless one really wants to have someone join in the live session then only the request button should be enabled.

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