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Careem Brings “Women Captains’ Program”

Careem is back again yet this time with an offer for the women. It has taken an initiative for the most widely talked about topic on each and every forum around the globe that is women empowerment.

Careem has brought a chance for women to earn via the ride-hailing app. Much has not been revealed by the ride-providing service but presently there is just an invite for all the ladies of Pakistan to sign up for some information session relating how they could make good income via Careem

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The program is referred to as the “Women Captains’ Program”. As per the announcement post made on Facebook, it appears to be for the women across Pakistan.

The program would come into effect from which date and all such details are yet not provided.

This is a good step by Careem for encouraging women to become independent and earn their own income. However, this is to be seen that how well this initiative would be blending with our society.

Women empowerment is a topic everyone loves to converse about. Many firms had been involved in doing something for the cause.

Generally, people have changed in terms of their attitudes and mindsets, now people are much more relaxed and liberal when it comes to things like providing chances to women for growth and success.

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Let us just hope and wish well to Careem for this new effort.

All the women out there who feel like attending the information session are encouraged to get themselves registered.

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