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Instagram Notes now available to everyone in the US

Instagram Notes, a brief status update that appears above your profile and vanishes after 24 hours, have now been made available to all US users as well as those in Europe and Japan. Only a few US consumers had access to the feature in the past.

The launch was announced on Twitter by Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram.

Notes Global launch. Notes are currently sold in Japan and Europe.

He claimed that the UK, every nation in the European Union, and Japan would all be getting the feature. The stricter privacy laws in such nations slowed down these launches.

Mosseri explained that the firm frequently makes things available to a select group of users in order to get input as to why not all US users had access to them earlier. He claimed that it has achieved great success, especially with teenagers.

These messages are limited to 60 characters and are being predicted as mood messages like any other messenger application.

Meta’s view about the feature

Instagram Notes, a new feature that lets you share your ideas and see what your friends are up to, is now starting to roll out. Using only text and emojis, notes are brief posts that can be up to 60 characters long. Go to the top of your inbox, choose the individuals you follow back or those on your list of close friends, and then type a note. It will stay at the top of their inbox for 24 hours. Responses to notes will show up in your email as DMs.

We discovered during testing that consumers appreciated having a quick, simple way to express their thoughts and strike up dialogue. Notes allow people a casual and spontaneous method to express themselves and engage with each other, from seeking recommendations to sharing what they’re up to.

If you haven’t seen the function yet, it should be available in the app in the next few days.

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