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Instagram To Start ID Verification Soon

Instagram ID

Facebook would soon like to take more action against troll accounts on Instagram. The social media company could request the user’s ID in the future if an account has a certain range. There are already indications of this on the Instagram app.

Alessandro Paluzzi leaker on Twitter found out, as soon as an Instagram account achieves a certain activity and the posts are seen by a sufficient number of other users, the user must confirm their identity. For this purpose, the clear name must be given and a photo of your own ID must be uploaded. In addition, the user must submit a selfie video. The information is then checked by an employee.

Is It Going To Be Similar To Twitter Verified Accounts?

Anyone who does not comply with the service request and does not confirm their identity could be blocked after a short time. It is likely that an unconfirmed account for which verification is requested will be frozen or completely deleted after a few weeks. So far, however, there is no official information.

Documents are deleted again

Facebook promises that all documents submitted as part of the verification process will be treated confidentially and will be deleted from the company’s servers after 30 days.
So far, Facebook has not yet released a statement on the planned feature. Therefore, it is initially unclear when the social media company wants to start verifying Instagram accounts. The information in the app suggests that the function is currently being tested and that ID verification should be activated in the coming months.

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