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Instagram Users can now Share Live Videos as Direct Messages

Instagram keeps on updating its app with new features. Now the app has introduced a feature that allows users to send Live Video as Direct Message. This will keep the friend circle of the users updated about their activities.

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Before this Instagram introduced Hashtag feature that allows the users to follow hashtags of any personality, event or place etc. Also, Instagram introduced Story Archive. As the name indicates, the archive would allow the users to save their stories for later viewing even after the twenty-four hours expiry time. This was among many of the beta features noticed by Matt Navara.

How can you send Live Video as a Direct Message?

When you are recording a Live Video an icon will appear called ‘Direct icon’. You can click on that icon to share your live video with any of your followers. Now if the person is online he/she will be able to see the live video, if they are not they will receive a message indicating that the live video session has ended.

Now even those who are viewing the live video can share it by clicking on the Direct icon appearing at the bottom of the screen. If users don’t want their friends to share the live video they can disable the option from stories settings. This will stop the followers to send your live videos in the Direct message.

If your account is private, only your followers will be able to view the live videos. This feature is currently available on Android App as for on iOS, it will be available sometime later.

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