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Install TutuApp APK for PC (Windows & Mac) with Nox player

Tutu app

Tutu App is one of the popular app stores for mobiles device. But now, it is also available for Windows and Mac computers. It has the advantage of providing users with apps for free, that are otherwise available on the app store for some amount or fee.

 There are several good features that this app provides for its users. It can be installed on a Windows PC or Mac by using an android emulator like Nox Player.


TutuApp VIP Free has several great features. Some of those features are given below as a few important points: –

  • Support for various formats

It is supported on various platforms and is also compatible with many devices.

  • Multiple apps and games

It offers various kinds of apps. It has those apps for free, that are otherwise paid for on the official app store of various platforms. It also has other apps that are available on the app store.

  • Various contents

It also provides other types of content, that are available on the app store. The other content can be movies and even songs.

  • Two different version for users

It has two kinds of versions. The first one is a free version and then the second one is a paid subscription.

  • Frequent updates for the apps

The apps which you will install from this platform, also get timely updates. You can install the updates at your convenience after the update is available.

  • Free apps for all

The apps that are available on this platform are free for all users.

So, these are some of the features that one needs for a great device experience. So, if you are planning to play android games on the big monitor of your computer, then you need to have an android emulator on your device.

How to Download TutuApp on PC with Nox Player?

The android emulator like Nox Download will assist you in installing the app on your Windows PC or Mac. The step to install the android emulator and the tutu app is easy.

  • First of all, install the android emulator on your Windows or Mac.
  • Then use the app to install the TuTuApp on your device.
  • For the second step, download the TuTuApp for Windows or Mac, and then open the file using the Nox Player and install the app on your device.


Q 1. Which is the latest app version for Windows or Mac?

Ans. The tutu app gets frequent updates along with new features. Currently, its latest version for Windows or Mac is

Q 2. How can we install Tutu App on Windows PC?

Ans. To install the tutu app on Windows PC, you need an android emulator. There are various android emulators, like Nox Player, Blue stacks, and even more.

Q 3. Can we get premium apps on Nox player?

Ans. You can get various kinds of apps on the tutu app. You can even get premium apps for free, to enjoy on every platform that supports the tutu app.


So, these are some of the best features that one can get on the tutu app. There are various paid apps that you are unable to buy from the official app store, so now, you can also enjoy those apps. The added benefit is the option to play the android games on a big screen. So, now you can enjoy these apps without hindrance on your Windows PC or Mac.

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