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Intel Hints About The New Operating System Windows 12?

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Microsoft and Intel are apparently gradually preparing for Windows 12. Several leaks about Intel’s upcoming CPU family, codenamed “Meteor Lake”, now point to the new operating system that has not yet been announced.

As VideoCardz reports, a hardware leaker named TLC or Leaf_Hobby recently published the first data on Intel’s “Meteor Lake” CPUs. The name “Windows 12” also appears in the internal documents of the US chip company, since the new processors are supposed to support the new operating system.

Microsoft: Future Windows versions with more AI functions

The tweet from the Japanese source has since been deleted, but the US graphics card specialists have preserved it for posterity. When asked by the US colleagues from The Verge, neither Intel nor Microsoft gave any statements on the subject. However, Yusuf Mehdi, a high-ranking Microsoft manager, recently indicated that the “next version” of Windows, which should follow Windows 11, has long been in the works.

Mehdi explained in an interview that for the next major edition of Windows, they also want to rely on the technologies from the field of artificial intelligence (AI) developed by the start-up company OpenAI. The AI ​​will play a natural role in the use of “future versions of Windows,” it said.

Both Intel and AMD, but also Qualcomm as a provider of ARM-based processors for Windows PCs, are integrating ever more powerful AI processors into their upcoming chips, which are supposed to take over certain tasks from this area away from the CPU. The Intel “Meteor Lake” processors should therefore bring new AI features with them when they are expected to be introduced in late 2023 or early 2024, as will upcoming platforms from AMD and Qualcomm.

Microsoft has reportedly switched back to a three-year release rhythm for major versions of Windows. This would also coincide with the timing of the new Intel processors from the “Meteor Lake” family since Windows 11 was launched two years ago. So if Windows 12 is actually released in 2024 with more AI integration, Intel could then also supply the right chips.