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Windows 11 Comes Up With Changes For Default Apps And Taskbar Icons

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Changing default apps on Windows 11 will be improved, while pinned apps on the taskbar will ask for permission in the future. In a new blog post, Microsoft explains the planned changes, which should focus on security.

Hope dies last, but the times when users can select standard apps at the push of a button and only be able to open all compatible file formats with a specific program seem numbered. What was considered elegant under Windows 10 is classified as a security risk with Windows 11. Microsoft wants to protect users from programs that gain too many privileges with one click, even if that decision comes at the expense of user experience.

Instead, in the future, there will be simpler paths into the settings, in which the steps to change default apps can be carried out. Microsoft will use the existing “ms-settings:” URL structure to give app developers the option of directly linking the corresponding menu items within the settings. Microsoft itself wants to stick to this secure, albeit more cumbersome, regulation. Edge and Co. are therefore not given any special rights with regard to defining standard apps.

Taskbar pins ask for permission

In the future, Windows 11 users will have to give their consent if an app wants to pin itself to the taskbar as a primary or secondary tile or icon during or after installation. Instead of or in addition to the ticks within the installation process, users must (often) confirm the pin twice. This change is also primarily for security so that apps do not unintentionally impose themselves on the user.

The appropriate interfaces for developers (APIs) will be provided in the coming months. Windows 11 insiders should be able to observe the first changes to the new functions within the Dev channel. However, an exact timetable does not seem to have been set yet.

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