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Intel is making 9th generation core processors that support up to 128 GB

9th generation core processors

To date, Intel’s standard processors haven’t bolstered more than 64GB of RAM. That is not an emergency initiating issue at this moment, yet the time when you’ll need more is not too far off. Gratefully, Intel is prepared. The organization has affirmed to AnandTech that its desktop 9th generation Core processors bolster up to 128GB of DDR4 RAM. More up to date, denser memory technology makes that conceivable, the organization said. An update in “a couple of months” will empower the additional headroom.

What does the 9th generation core processors demand?

You’ll require a motherboard with four DIMM slots to exploit this extending support, and there’s almost certain that the plain initial 128GB setups will be extremely costly.

At this moment, it’s anything but difficult to spend over $550 on 64GB of RAM crosswise over four sticks, and that is in case you’re not critical about rates. It won’t shock if costs top $1,000 for 128GB until the point when rivalry and economies of scale cut cost down.

All things considered, this is uplifting news for tech enthusiasts and gadget pros. To date, you’ve required a Xeon processor in the event that you needed 128GB in your Intel-controlled apparatus. Regardless you’ll need one of those CPUs in the event that you require in excess of two memory channels, however, you never again need to purchase undeniable workstation equipment just to break past that 64GB hindrance.

This could bring down the expenses for media editors who run memory-intensive applications yet needn’t bother with the crude computational intensity of Xeon-based machines.

It was rumored to launch in October but since the month has not ended, we have our hopes up. The 9th gen processors see Intel finally matching AMD in terms of cores and threads in the mainstream.

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