iOS 14 Code Leaks Suggest New Features Find My Notification And AR Mode

iOS 14

Earlier it was reported that iOS 14 to introduce new Keyboard and Mouse features followed by more details about CarPlay features that are present in the new iOS 14.

Now recently, according to the 9to5Mac report, Apple’s “Find My” application will receive important upgrades in iOS 14, including augmented reality mode and a new location trigger.

“Find My” is Apple’s stand-alone application on iPhone, iPad, Mac, and the Web to find lost devices and share locations with family and friends. Starting with iOS 13, Apple has merged “Find My iPhone” and “Find My Friends” to combine device tracking and location sharing into one app.

Find my time and place alerts

iOS 14 will provide new notifications for the “Find My” location sharing section. Specifically, the updated app will include a new option to receive alerts when someone does not reach a specific location at a predetermined time of day.

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“Find My” already includes the ability to receive alerts when someone arrives at school or work. New options to receive alerts when someone does not arrive on time will reduce notifications, such as parents tracking their children to school.

New alert options will also include notifications when contacts leave their location before a set time. For example, if you want your child to attend classes at school or at a friend’s home at certain times of the day, they will be notified when they leave.

‘Find My’ will also allow users to create these notifications to remind contacts based on their location and can customize new location reminders for specific days of the week.

AR mode Feature

In addition, it is reported that Apple’s “Find My” application in iOS 14 can also be used with augmented reality devices. Apple’s ARKit includes device mode in an upcoming software update.

Users will be able to use augmented reality to position visually to get more precise directions from closer locations, including the upcoming Apple AirTags device tracker.