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New Apple 4K TV New Features: Doubles Storage Supports Child Mode And Screen Time

Apple TV 4K

It has been almost three years since Apple officially launched the previous generation of Apple TV 4K, and with the launch of Apple TV + streaming service and Apple Arcade game subscription service, the release of the new Apple TV is on the horizon.

In September last year, Twitter users broke the news that the internal models of the new generation Apple TV were Apple TV 11.1 and J305, which coincided with the code in the internal version of iOS 13. In addition, the new Apple TV may also be equipped with A12 or A13 bionic chips, which brings stronger processing performance.

Apple TV 4K, launched three years ago, has 4K resolution output capabilities, supports HDR 10 and Dolby visual effects, and uses the A10X chip of the iPad Pro in the same year. It is believed that with the addition of the 7nm process A12 or A13 Bionic chip, Apple TV’s performance will show a significant improvement, which will also help Apple Arcade’s promotion on Apple TV.

In addition, according to the latest information from Youtuber iupdate, the storage capacity of the new Apple TV may also be upgraded from the current 32GB/64GB combination option to 64GB/128GB. Such an upgrade strategy may also be based on the consideration of Apple Arcade. Storage capacity means more games can be installed. As for this year’s tvOS, 14 may also introduce new features of “Child Mode” and “Screen Time Management”.

The previous version allows parents to open a separate account for their children on Apple TV. The latter is the “Apple TV version” of the corresponding feature appearing on iOS 12, macOS Catalina, which is expected to allow users to monitor the use of Apple TV, arrange the time of deactivation, and set the App and Websites also set time limits.