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iOS 15.4.1 update fixes battery drain

Apple has released a new iPhone update that fixes some issues with the previous release. The new iOS version 15.4.1 addresses the excessive battery consumption reported by some users. There are also security-related changes. However, Apple has not yet disclosed many details about the vulnerabilities that have been fixed and the new iOS 15.4.1 update in general.

According to the release notes, the new iOS version brings a few bug fixes and security updates that close a serious security hole. According to Apple, a vulnerability has been fixed that is already being actively exploited or could be exploited. Therefore, users are strongly advised to install the update quickly. There are not many changes. We’ve added the release notes at the end of the post.
At the same time, in addition to iOS 15.4.1 and iPadOS 15.4.1, an update has been released for the Mac (12.3.1), as well as for Apple Watch and Apple TV.

Update now

The distribution will take place as usual as an over-the-air update (OTA), depending on user settings, at the pre-selected time, or immediately when available. You can also use iTunes with a Windows PC to update and connect your iOS device. The update is recommended for all iOS 15 users due to the important security-related changes.

This update fixes the following bugs on iPhone:

  • The battery may drain faster than expected after iOS 15.4 update.
  • Braille devices may stop responding when navigating text or displaying a notification.
  • “Made for iPhone” hearing aids may lose connection in some third-party apps.

How to get iOS 15.4.1?

The update is now available through well-known methods: users can get the update through the auto-update feature or start the update itself in the settings. If you want to receive the update as soon as possible, you can search for the software update in the settings and install it immediately. To do this, go to Settings / General / Software Update. There the iOS update will be displayed, you can start the download and install it directly. Because of this, you usually have the update faster than waiting for an update notification or choosing the automatic function.