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iOS 15 Users Can Now Report Fraudulent Apps Directly To Apple

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In the Apple App Stores, you can now “report problems” with iOS 15. In the reports, there is even an explicit option to specify if you want to report a case of fraud in connection with an application.

This is reported by The Verge. Accordingly, the community manager Richard Mazkewich and the fraud hunter Kosta Eleftheriou reported on Twitter that it is now possible to report fraud again. In the iOS 15 app store, there is not only a button in the individual app lists for a report, but the “Report fraud” option is now also listed in a drop-down menu.

Apple finally enables App Store fraud reporting

Before iOS 15, reporting problems with the application was very difficult and only possible by redirecting them to a website. In addition, there were only options for “Report suspicious activity”, “Report quality problems”, “Request a refund” or “Find my content”. For the users, this was usually neither helpful nor was it effective.

According to The Verge, Apple only allowed a “quality problem” to be reported if one had already paid money and thus fell for the fraud. Now this message also applies to free apps or offers with in-app purchases. Now the experts are wondering whether Apple is now also using fraud investigators: “The big question is, of course, whether Apple will actually do something about these reports,” the report says. According to the information so far, Apple only has a relatively small team of around 500 app reviewers who have to deal with a variety of problems.

Facebook, on the other hand, has around 15,000 content moderators, 20,000 people are employed at Google for these cases and even on Twitter, there are 2,200 employees in the support team. Apple only recently made it possible for users to rate and review Apple’s own apps. Overall, there seems to be a lot of work to be done in the store.