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iOS 16: Apple announces the official release date

Apple has announced the first release dates for the new operating systems. iOS 16 will be available as a free software update starting Monday, September 12. This also applies to the WatchOS 9 update.

iPadOS and MacOS are delayed

But completely different from what you are used to from Apple, there are two shifts this year: iPadOS 16 will not be ready for the start of iOS 16 – so far the updates have always been in sync. According to Apple, a little more fine-tuning will be needed. Therefore, the group has not even given a start date for the iPhone event, only announced a postponement of the start into October. This also applies to the macOS Ventura update. Only the delay was confirmed, but not specifically how long the users have to be patient.

That doesn’t come as a surprise, however, these shifts had been indicated for weeks, since work still needs to be done on CenterStage in the interaction between Mac and iPad.

iOS 16 and WatchOS 9 on time

For iPhone users, the big upgrade will start on time, it will remain at the start in September. The same applies to WatchOS 9. Now Apple has also revealed the exact date. Starting next Monday, September 12, Apple will start distribution. We will then inform you about the start.

But there is also a limitation for iOS. Apple will delay the launch of iCloud shared libraries. So far, this has only been communicated via the iPhone press releases. “iCloud Shared Photo Library will be available through a software update later this year,” it says. A reason is not known and no new start date. Shortly after the iPhone event, the ninth – and probably last – iOS 16 beta version for developers was launched. The new build number is 20A362, not much is known about changes yet.

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