iOS Screen Time Bug Is Not Fixed For Several Months

iOS is supposed to make it possible to limit screen time – a function that is mainly used by parents. However, over the course of several updates, an error ensures that the set period of use can easily be exceeded.

iOS bug overrides screen time settings

It can be a big challenge even for adults to limit their own screen time, for children official bodies recommend setting a clear budget in operating systems depending on their age, which should not be exceeded. Apple takes this idea into account with the Screen Time option in iOS, which many parents use to monitor and adjust their children’s smartphone and tablet usage time. The problem: For months there has been a bug that completely undermines the function.

Like the Wall Street Journal, Apple has recently responded to reports from users complaining about “Screen Time” issues. As the company confirms, in some cases, settings keep resetting for no apparent reason. However, the company does not want to and cannot promise a solution to the problem immediately: “We take these reports very seriously and will continue to carry out updates to improve the situation,” an Apple spokesman told WSJ.

A look at the past iOS updates shows that Apple has been trying to find a solution for some time. In May of this year, iOS 16.5 officially brought an update with it that was supposed to fix the “Screen Time” reset. As can be seen from the current reports from those affected, the problem also persists under iOS 16.6 and the public beta of iOS 17. For the time being, it remains to be seen when Apple will finally be able to eliminate the bug.

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