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iPhone 12 Production Shrunk by Half Amid COVID-19 Cases

After receiving 100+ positive COVID-19 cases, iPhone 12 production drop by 50% in Foxconn India.

Apple recently started manufacturing iPhone 12 in India. It is a good opportunity for the company to reduce its expenses and for the country to generate new employment opportunities. However, where everything was going in a favorable direction, this coronavirus disturbed everything,

According to Reuters, the production capacity at one of the facilities has reduced to half when over 100 employees at the Foxconn facility have tested positive for COVID-19.

According to the report, the company has dormitories on site where employees can stay and work. They are the ones keeping production running. Employees can leave the facility, but as a precaution, no one is allowed to get in.

This facility is located in the southern state of Tamil Nadu, near the capital of Chennai. This state is one with the worst COVID-19 situation. The state is in full lockdown since this Monday, whereas public transport and shops are closed down in an attempt to stem the spread of the disease.

A representative from Foxconn said:

“Foxconn places the health and safety of our employees as our highest priority and that is why we have been working closely with local government and public health authorities in India to address the challenges that we and all companies are facing in dealing with the COVID-19 crisis,”

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