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UK Competition Investigates AMD Takeover Of Xilinx

AMD Xilinx

Unlike Nvidia’s acquisition of ARM, which caused a lot of controversies, the technology industry generally did not object to AMD’s acquisition of Xilinx. Even so, the UK Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) launched an investigation on AMD’s acquisition of FGPA maker Xilinx on Monday. Currently, the agency is seeking public opinion on whether the US$35 billion all-stock acquisition will reduce the competitiveness of UK goods and services.

According to the report from The Register AMD hopes to combine Xilinx’s FPGA technology with x86 CPU and RDNA SIMD to create a highly customizable high-performance computing (HPC) accelerator.

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AMD President Dr. Su Zifeng said: “By combining a world-class engineering team and deep expertise, we will grow into a future leader who can lead the development of the customized high-performance computing industry with vision, talent, and scale.”

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