iPhone 13 Buyers Would Face Longer Delivery Times

iphone 13 series

Apple devices are popular, this is not a new finding. This is of course mainly the case shortly after the start of the respective iPhones , so there can always be delivery problems. At the moment, however, the situation seems to be even more difficult than in previous years.

Even with earlier models, it happened time and again that you had to wait for a new iPhone, at least shortly after it was introduced or released. But this year the situation has apparently worsened: As the Reuters reports, consumers will have to wait “a few weeks” longer before they can hold their new iPhone 13 in their hands.

2 to 4 weeks added on top

The reasons for this are delays in the supply chain and high demand, both of which will lead to “one of the longest waiting times for smartphones in recent years,” according to analysts. Accordingly, customers around the world who have pre-ordered the new models online would have to wait more than four weeks for the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max and around two weeks for the 13th edition of the basic model.

Delays are generally not unusual, but the entire world is still struggling with the consequences of the corona and chip crisis. It is said that Apple secured sufficient components very early on, but apparently these are still not enough.

A look at the Apple website confirms the Reuters report: The iPhone 13 is currently expected between October 14th and 21st if you order between October 14th and 21st. Wait October or even November 5th.

According to the analysts, not only the component crisis (s) are responsible for the delivery problems, but also the high demand for the new devices. The experts even see indications that Apple itself has underestimated the demand a little and therefore did not and does not have enough devices in stock.